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Seoul International Co., having own D&D and R&D Laboratory, is delivering turn-key solutions in the wide areas of communications and information technology sectors.

Our technology is covered by various applications and is currently being applied to address opportunities in multiple industries including defense, electronics, computing, non-defense telecom industries and energy sector.

Our customers rely on our program management abilities, system design and integration, software development, choice and delivery of the appropriate equipment, installation, training and logistics support.

We have established strong partnerships and sub-contractor agreements with leading companies from the defense and IT area. Our partners count on our ability to work with them on all levels, system configuration, system procurement and installation. By working closely with partners, we are able to combine our expertise and technology with our partner's core competencies to address multiple industry opportunities.

We are distributing equipment, machines, components, accessories and spares etc in the field of IT, Telecom, Electronics, T&M, Electronic Components, PCB Fabrication Equipment & Supplies, Industrial Automation & Engg., Military & Aviation Eqpt. & spares, Tactical Radio Eqpt., Spares & accessories, Solar Systems & Material, Optical and other High Technology Products, Security & Surveillance, Medical, Scientific & Laboratory Instruments etc.



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