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Seoul International Co. is marketing various types of Machinery and Electrical Equipment in order to cater the needs of Major, Medium and small scale industries overseas. We have supplied machinery and electrical to various industries. We can source new and refurbished machines from Korea for almost all machining applications. The company's mission is to provide the highest quality products and custom engineering solutions, and operate as the premier supplier of machine tools and related equipment worldwide.

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Air CompressorAir Conditioning Eqpt. Automobile PartsCasting & ForgingChilling PlantsElectric Generators
Electric StabilizersFerrous&Non-FerrousFoundry Eqpt.

Foundry MaterialsHydraulic MachinesLather & RubberMachine Tools/AccessMachining CentersMaterialHandlingEqpt.

MetrologyMotor/TransformersMoulds & Dies
Pneumatic MachinesPump & Valves
RefractorySheet MetalworkingUPS/Inverters
WeldingEqpt/MaterialWire Tube & CableFoundry Eqpt.
Lathe/CNC LathePressesMilling Machines
Grinding MachinesMachining CentersMaterialHandlingEqpt.
Cutting ToolsEDMSawing Machines
Drilling MachinesElec.DistributionSysSensors & Controllers

We are looking for suppliers, business partners and agents engaged in the above mentioned product categories from Korea and abroad. Please contact us with your company profile and oblige.

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