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Our Valuable Services

We understand that businesses that are striving to achieve and maintain a Competitive edge in the global market need to be backed by efficient and strong international trade organizations. This is vital for their sustained and improved access to different trade related services and therefore Seoul International Co., offers a wide range of services as indicated above

Seoul International Co. gives you expert service by people who speaks your language. Integrated operations with overseas companies give us the ability to move quickly on your project and supply you at a very competitive price. With offices in Korea and affiliation with our overseas partners, we are able to source to your specific requirements and deliver it to your doorstep.

The following services are examples of what Seoul International Co. will do to help make your global sourcing project a success.

  1. Evaluate suppliers capabilities, capacities and working process.
  2. Negotiate and provide the lowest possible pricing.
  3. Confirm and assure quality systems are in place and followed.
  4. Act as an interface with suppliers.
  5. Arrange transportation logistics to drop ship at your warehouse location.
We act as buying agents for buyers of high technology products. Buyers can approach us for their requirement, with their budget, acceptable quality and target prices. We then find suppliers, negotiate, make the deal, inspect goods, manage safety of buyer's investment, ship the goods and receive it at destination, clear it at customs and give it to buyer as home delivery.


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