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Seoul International Co., is established distributor & supplier of Silicon wafers, PV panels, solar system, inverters, battery controllers, lights, cells, solar fountains, coolers & heaters and other major components. SIC offers high performance, economical, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly solar power products. Our motto is to harness solar energy and contribute to the all important saga of energy conservation. We always have nature in our minds while selecting, designing and implementing new projects and products.

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Solar PV Prod. Eqpt.Silicon Prod. Eqpt.Wafer Prod Eqpt.Cell Manufct.Eqpt.SolarPanelProd Eqpt.PV Cells
Battery ChargersTranslate /Rec. UnitInverter Systems

Support/Follow-upSysSolar CablingSilicon MaterialsSolar Lamps/LightsBattery ChargersPV Modules/Panels

PV ProductsSolar Water PumpsHouse hold goods
Solar Heating Prod.
PV Enng & SystemsPV Power Systems
Solar Test & ControlSilicon Prod. Eqpt.Controller System
PV Mounting HWWind PowerDesign Tools
Semicon Materials
Embedded SysClean Rooms
Assembly/PackagingLiquids & GasesVacuum Chambers
Thermal SolutionsWafer FabricationEDA Solutions

We are looking for suppliers, business partners and agents engaged in the above mentioned product categories from Korea and abroad. Please contact us with your company profile and oblige.

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