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Seoul International Sdn. Bhd. [Regn. No. 866323-U] was incorporated on 29th July 2009, in association with Seoul International Co. Korea, with its Headquarters in Seoul, Korea and Corporate Office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Our commitment and objectives are to provide specialist services, act as advisors, consultants, contractors and manufacturers in the fields of information technology, information communication technology, telecom, electronics, PCB fabrication & assembly, industrial automation & engineering, military & aviation, tactical radios, components, spares & accessories and other high technology products

SIC stands for high-quality products that combined with the state of the art technology and top performance with excellence of design. To guarantee a better quality and service to our clients and distribution channel; SIC has acquired the best team and means of manufacturing & control in order to adapt for the different  needs and demands from our customers.

We have already started our operations in Kuala Lumpur; please contact us with your inquiries and oblige.




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